PU/DR Cover Sheet

As a first step in completing the Progress Update/Disbursement Request (PU/DR), the Principal Recipient (PR) must download the PU/DR template to their computers from the Global Fund website. (Note: There are different templates for new funding model and non-new funding model grants.) 

Once the file is opened, a warning message in yellow will appear at the top of the document, and the PR should click on 'Enable Content' so that the file works properly. 

The PR is then required to specify it is submitting a PU or a PU/DR, to ensure that the relevant sections of the form are completed. When the file is closed and reopened, the default section will be the cover sheet. The PR must once again specify the type of submission to generate the relevant sections again. The data will still be saved in the forms. 

It is extremely important to complete the component (HIV/AIDS, HIV/TB, TB, malaria or HSS) entry as this determines the selection of modules and indicators.