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Programme Objectives and Outcome Indicators

Each goal should have a set of related and more specific objectives that will permit the programme to reach the stated goals. These objectives should be consistent with the objectives of the national strategic plan. As with the goals, they are entered as free text.

For example, an objective might be ‘To increase case notification rate of all forms of tuberculosis from 230/100,000 in 2013 to 320/100,000 in 2017.’

Outcome indicators are related to the defined objectives, just as impact indicators are related to defined goals. A list of standard indicators is provided in the performance framework. As with goals and impact indicators, an outcome indicator can be linked to more than one objective, and an objective can have more than one outcome indicator. As with goals and impact indicators, targets for objectives and outcome indicators should be consistent with the national strategic plan or any other updated and agreed-upon country targets.

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