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Grant Performance Report

The Global Fund Grant Performance Report (GPR) is essentially a grant fact sheet, comprised of objective information on the grant’s performance. The GPR sets forth:

  • General information on the grant from the Grant Agreement;
  • A list of each of the indicators included in the performance framework (PF) of the Grant Agreement;
  • Reported results against intended results (programmatic performance);
  • Actual disbursements made against planned disbursements (financial performance);
  • Progress of any conditions precedent (CP) and special conditions (SCs);
  • Contextual information including governance and general programme management changes; and
  • Major recommendations from the Local Fund Agent (LFA), if any.
Practice Pointer

The GPR is posted on the Global Fund external website and regularly updated. Therefore, the Principal Recipient (PR) is strongly encouraged to review the GPR carefully on a regular basis and notify the Fund Portfolio Manager (FPM) immediately if any of the information contained in the report is inaccurate.

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