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Pulse Check

During 2021, GF introduced a new reporting requirement for High Impact and Core Countries, called pulse check. COs must submit the pulse check through the Global Fund Partner Portal on quarterly basis, 35 days after the end of the quarter. The PR reports on:

PR self-evaluation: this section aims at assessing the implementation status of key programme grant activities, including by key modules and interventions. The section also includes a sub section on PR coordination efforts with COVID19 coordinating body and impact of COVID19 on grant activities

Selected key coverage indicators: this section included pre – selected coverage indicators extracted from the PF on which the PR needs to report monthly for HIV and malaria indicators and quarterly for TB.

PR financial evaluation: this section aims at assessing the financial information per quarter. PR must report on both main grants and C19RM2

  • Payment for expenditures
  • Disbursements to sub-recipients
  • Open advances at the level of the Principal Recipient
  • Closing balances
  • Forecast for the next quarter

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