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Risk Considerations in the Development of Funding Requests

During the application process for new Global Fund funding for countries submitting the full application, the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) should assess the main risks related to the effective implementation of the programme and propose risk mitigation measures. The risk assessment should cover:

  • external risks;
  • programmatic risks;
  • financial risks;
  • health product quality;
  • service delivery risks; and
  • governance and oversight risks.

Actions to be taken that can control identified risks should be reflected in the programme design, selection of interventions and the selection of qualified Principal Recipients (PRs). Good implementation arrangements ensure that the programme runs well, key populations have access to quality health services, and there are adequate fiduciary controls and programmatic oversight up to the community level. As part of identifying risks related to implementation arrangements, the CCM assesses each nominated PR against a set of minimum standards and captures this assessment in the funding request. Depending on the country context and available resources, if the PR is nominated at this stage, it can provide valuable support to the CCM in undertaking risk assessment and proposing risk responses.

Countries applying for continuation of funding would have to undertake a review of identified risks and risk treatment options in the existing grants and confirm whether there are any significant changes.

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