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List of Commonly Used Acronyms

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Acronym Full Term
AAA Accounts Management Analysis
ACP Advisory Committee on Procurement
ACT Artemisinin Combination Therapy
ADCD Annual Disbursement and Commitment Decision
AFR Annual Financial Reporting 
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 
AR Accounts Receivable
ART Antiretroviral Therapy
ARV Antiretroviral
APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
ASP Additional Safeguards Policy
AWP Annual Work Plan
BPPS Bureau for Policy and Programme Support
BDP Bureau for Development Policy
BMS Bureau for Management Services
CAP Contract, Asset and Procurement Committee
CAT Capacity Assessment Tool
CBR Cash Balance Report 
CCM Country Coordinating Mechanism
CD Capacity Development
CDP Capacity Development Plan
CE Cost Estimate
CFR Certified Finacial Report 
CN Concept Note
CO Country Office
CoA Chart of Accounts
COE Challenging Operating Environment
CoS Continuity of Services
CP Condition Precedent
CPAP Country Programme Action Plan
CPD Country Project Document
CSO Civil Society Organization
CSS Community Systems Strengthening
DHS Demographic Health Survey
DIM Direct Implementation
DMS Document Management System
DOTS Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse
DPA Delegated Procurement Authority
DPC Direct Project Cost
DQA Data Quality Audit
DR Disbursement Request
EFR Enhanced Financial Report
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EQA External Quality Assurance
ERP Expert Review Panel
FACE Funding Authorization and Certification of Expenditures
FBO Faith-based Organization
FEFO First Expired, First Out
FLD First-line drugs
FM&S Financial Management and Systems
FPM Fund Portfolio Manager
FPP Finished Pharmaceutical Product
FRR Financial Rules and Regulations 
FS Face Sheet
GAC Grants Approval Committee
GDF Global Drug Facility
GFFR Global Fund Financial Reporting
GHTF Global Harmonization Task Force
GL General Ledger
GLJE General Ledger Journal Entry
GF Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
GF/HIST Global Fund/Health Implementation Support Team
GLC Green Light Committee
GMS General Management Service
GPU Global Procurement Unit
GSSC Global Shared Service Centre
HACT Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfers
HHD HIV, Health and Development Group 
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HMN Health Metrics Network
HMIS Health Management and Information System
HQ Headquarters
HR Human Resources
HSS Health Systems Strengthening
IA Implementing Agent
IBBS Integrated Biological and Behavior Surveillance
ICH International Conference on Harmonisation
IDA International Dispensary Association
IGO Intergovernmental Organization
IL Implementation Letter
IMDRF International Medical Devices Regulators Forum
INN International Non-Proprietary Name
IP Implementing Partner
IRRF Integrated Results and Reporting Framework
ISO International Organization for Standardization
IVD In-vitro Diagnostic Product
LDC Least Developed Country
LEA Legal Environment Assessment
LFA Local Fund Agent
LLIN Long-Lasting Insecticide-Treated Net
LMIS Logistics Management Information Systems
LO Legal Office
LoHP List of Health Products, Quantities and Related Costs
LPAC Local Project Appraisal Committee
LTA Long Term Agreement, Long Term Agreements
MACD Modular Approach and Costing Dimension
MDR-TB Multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis 
M&E Monitoring and Evaluation
MESS Monitoring and Evaluation System Assessment
MIS Malaria Indicator Survey
ML Management Letter, Management Letters
MPTA MDR-TB Procurement Request Form and Technical Agreement
MSM Men who Have Sex with Other Men
NCD Non-communicable Disease
NFM Global Fund new Funding Model
NGO Non-governmental Organization
NIM National Implementation Modality
NSP National Strategic Plan
NSPS National Salary Payment Schemes
NSSS National Salary Supplementation Scheme
OAI Office of Audit and Investigations
OAPI African Organization of Intellectual Property
OIG Office of Inspector General
OPN Operational Policy Note
OSDV On-site Data Verification
PAHO Pan American Health Organization
PAP Procurement Action Plan, Procurement planning Tool
PCA Project Clearing Account
PDR Project Delivery Report
PE Performance Evaluation
PF Performance Framework
PHPM Pharmaceutical and Health Products Management
PIC/S Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme
PMU Project Management Unit
PLHIV People Living with HIV
PQR Price and Quality Reporting
PO Purchase Order
POPP Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures
PPE Property, Plant and Equipment
PPM Pooled Procurement Mechanism
PR Principal Recipient
PSM Procurement and Supply Management
PSU Procurement Services Unit
PU Progress Update
PU/DR Progress Update/Disbursement Request
PWID People who Inject Drugs 
QA Quality Assurance
QAP Quality Assurance Plan
QC Quality Control
RACP Regional Advisory Committee on Procurement
RBM Results-based Management
RFQ Request for Quotation
RFP Request for Proposal
ROAR Results-oriented Annual Report
RP Responsible Party
SB Summary Budget
SBAA Standard Basic Assistance Agreement, Standard Basic Assistance Agreements
SC Special Condition
S&D Stigma and Discrimination
SDA Service Delivery Area
SDG Sustainable Development Goal, Sustainable Development Goals
SOP Standard Operating Procedures
SPA Senior Programme Advisor
SR Sub-recipient
SRA Stringent Regulatory Authorities
SSR Sub-sub-recipient
STC Standard Terms and Conditions
TA Technical Assistance
TB Tuberculosis
TLE Efavirenz + Lamivudine + Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate
TRIPS Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TRP Technical Review Panel
UNAIDS Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
UNDG United Nations Development Group
UNDP United Nations Development Programme
UNFPA United Nations Population Fund
UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund
VCT Voluntary Counseling and Testing
VfM Value for Money
WHO World Health Organization
WPTM Work Plan Tracking Measure, Work Plan Tracking Measures
WTO World Trade Organization

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