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Office of the Inspector General

The Global Fund Office of the Inspector General (OIG) operates as an independent unit of the Global Fund. The Inspector General reports to the Global Fund Board for strategic direction, reinforcement and accountability. Led by the Inspector General, the mission of the OIG is to provide the Global Fund with independent and objective assurance over the design and effectiveness of controls in place to manage the key risks impacting the Global Fund’s programmes and operations.

The scope of work of the Inspector General encompasses all aspects of the Global Fund’s activities including those carried out on its behalf by its programme recipients, partners and suppliers. All systems, processes, operations, functions and activities within the Global Fund are subject to the Inspector General’s review. The activities of the OIG are:

  • audit;
  • inspection;
  • counter-fraud and promotion of ethical conduct;
  • investigations;
  • assurance validation; and
  • functional

In cases where UNDP is PR, the ‘single audit principle’ adopted by the United Nations General Assembly applies, under which any review by any external authority (including any governmental authority) is precluded under the United Nations Legal Framework. Please refer to the audit section of the Manual for more information.

The Global Fund website provides more information about the OIG.

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