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Functional Area Relevant Section Description of updates/changes Date of updates/changes Focal Point
Audit and Investigations Principal Recipient Audit Process New tool - OAI Audit Preparation Checklist for UNDP PMUs - added. 14 May 2021 marcos.bustillo@undp.org
Principal Recipient Start-Up Key Start-up Activities Updates on GF 'advance payment mechanism' - previously the 'pre-allocation' policy'. 25 February 2021 mark.dibiase@undp.org
Reporting Communicating Results New page added with guidance and tools for external communication of programme results. 18 January 2021 matthew.duncan@undp.org
Audit and Investigations Sub-recipient Audit Criteria Updated the table illustrating the concept of audit thresholds for SRs. 7 January 2021 kanstantsin.sitsko@undp.org
Audit and Investigations Sub-recipient Audit Process Updated two resources on SR audit: SR Audit Information Note, and SR Audit Frequently Asked Questions. 4 January 2021 kanstantsin.sitsko@undp.org
Procurement and Supply Management Pharmaceutical Products Updated guidance and resource link with latest version of WHO Good Storage and Distribution Practices. 27 October 2020 matteo.pedrini@undp.org
Legal Framework Project Document Revised rule from the POPP regarding approvals for the use of Direct Implementation Modality. 23 October 2020 emmanuel.mbwera@undp.org
The UNDP-Global Fund Partnership UNDP-Gavi Partnership Update on Gavi partnership background. Addition of resource: UNDP-Gavi Partnership Brief. 28 July 2020 sophia.robele@undp.org
Financial Management Cost Recovery Revision to text on UN 1% coordination levy : does not apply to global vertical funds. 10 March 2020 thabani.mabodoko@undp.org
Human Resources HR During Grant Implementation Additional guidance on PMDs and mandatory trainings for UNDP staff. 10 March 2020 karen.de.meritens@undp.org
Financial Management PU/DR Updated guidance on the financial section of the PU/DR. 18 February 2020 thabani.mabodoko@undp.org
Procurement and Supply Management Strengthening PSM Services Updated Guidance Note and new practice pointer on Willis LTA for cargo and storage insurance. 11 February 2020 zafar.yuldashev@undp.org
Human Resources UN Volunteers New page with resources and guidance on recruiting UN Volunteers to PMUs. 11 February 2020 sophia.robele@undp.org
Sub-recipient Management SR Audit Process Updated version of SR Audit Info Note. 3 February 2020 thabani.mabodoko@undp.org
Sub-recipient Management SR Reporting ; SR Monitoring Updated Template for SR Management Letters. 17 July 2019 marcos.bustillo@undp.org
Legal Frameworks Signing Legal Agreements Updates to 2 templates for confirmation letter of signatory authority (PR & CCM Fund recipient). 3 June 2019 tracey.burton@undp.org
Sub-recipient Management SR Performance Management Update to the SR Performance Evaluation Tool. 1 March 2019 marcos.bustillo@undp.org
Procurement and Supply Management QA Policy New page content and resources on QA, including Guidance for UNDP COs on Health Products QA in the Supply Chain, QA Plan template, and QC testing annual reporting form. 15 February 2019 benoit.marquet@undp.org
Sub-recipient Management SR Reporting Two new resources for PR/SR Trainings – Template to Monitor the Quality of Training and Template for Training Evaluation. 23 January 2019 marcos.bustillo@undp.org
Multiple PR Start-Up ; VfM ; CCMs ; PR/CM Communications ; SR Capacity Additional guidance on regional coordinating mechanisms and value for money based on recommendations from OAI Audit UNDP Jamaica - Report: 1919 Issued 12 July 2018. 29 November 2018 mark.dibiase@undp.org
Sub-recipient Management SR Reporting ; SR Performance Management Updates to SR programmatic templates and related guidance. Language on SR progress reports streamlined. 15 November 2018 marcos.bustillo@undp.org
Audit and Investigations Principal Recipient Audit Additional guidance from OAI on CO audit follow-up process, and inclusion of a resource- audit scenario exercise. 15 October 2018 tracey.burton@undp.org
Sub-recipient Management SR Monitoring ; SR Reporting Updated version of Template for Management Letter to SRs. 11 October 2018 marcos.bustillo@undp.org
The UNDP-Global Fund Partnership UNDP-Gavi partnership New section on UNDP-Gavi partnership. 3 August 2018 tracey.burton@undp.org
Procurement and Supply Management Procurement of Pharmaceuticals and other Health Products Additional guidance to Country Offices on the procurement of pharmaceuticals and other health products. 8 May 2018 cecile.mace@undp.org
Sub-recipient Management Selecting Sub-recipients Change in terminology for modalities used to identify Sub-recipients. 8 May 2018 tracey.burton@undp.org
Legal Framework Limited Liability Clause Additional guidance to Country Offices on the limited liability clause. 1 May 2018 tracey.burton@undp.org
Financial Management Cost Recovery Additional guidance to Country Offices on cost recovery for providing technical assistance to national entities. 2 April 2018 tracey.burton@undp.org
Audit and Investigations OIG Investigations and Audit Additional guidance to Country Offices on OIG audit when UNDP is Principal Recipient. 8 March 2018 tracey.burton@undp.org
Procurement and Supply Management Quality Assurance for Diagnostic Products Revised guidance reflecting updated Global Fund Quality Assurance Policy for diagnostics. 25 October 2017 cecile.mace@undp.org
Audit and Investigations Budgeting for Principal Recipient Audit Revised guidance on budgeting for Principal Recipient audits reflecting tailored audit cost recovery process in alignment with OAI's risk-based approach to audit. 19 September 2017 tracey.burton@undp.org

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