Other Elements of UNDP's Procurement Architecture

In addition to the options describe in previous sections of the Manual, that enable procurement of pharmaceuticals and other health products to meet the needs of Global Fund grants implemented by UNDP, UNDP has developed a number of complementary bespoke supply systems of interest to requesting units. The area as follows:

In the area of Quality Control, which is an integrated dimension of quality assurance (QA), the following long-term agreement (LTA) frameworks are available for use:

  • Set of LTAs with WHO prequalified laboratories for the provision of pharmaceutical sample testing. The LTAs and corresponding standard operating procedures (SOPs) are available here.
  • LTA for the supply of dataloggers to ensure adequate temperature monitoring of shipments, in-country distribution and storage. The LTAs and corresponding SOPs are available here.

LTAs for the supply of heat resistant paint. Useful in situations when UNDP is promoting sustainability by reduction of cooling energy needs. The LTAs and corresponding SOPs are available here.

UNDP has also established a pre-approved roster of health procurement and supply management (PSM) Experts & LTAs with specialized Individual Consultants. The pre-approved roster was approved by the UNDP Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) in September 2015 for a three year period and enables quick deployment of vetted and reputed experts within the thematic areas outlined below:

  1. PSM quantification, forecasting and planning experts
  2. Quality Assurance experts
  3. Experts in the design of Health PSM strategies and systems
  4. Experts in the evaluation and risk assessments of health supply chains
  5. Health related procurement process experts
  6. Logistics & Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) experts
  7. Experts in regulatory authorities & IPRs for pharmaceuticals & health commodities
  8. Pharmaceutical and laboratory supplies experts
  9. Medical equipment and supplies experts
  10. Health infrastructure PSM experts
  11. PSM capacity development and training experts
  12. Health warehousing, inventory and stock management experts
  13. X-ray, scanning and radiological equipment experts
  14. Sustainable Energy experts in the health sector
  15. Epidemiology PSM experts
  16. Waste Management Experts
  17. Pharmaceutical and Health policy and financing

Further information on the roster can be found in the guidelines for use of the Health PSM Expert Roster