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A disbursement is the actual transfer of cash from the Global Fund to the Principal Recipient (PR) (in the currency(ies) of the signed Grant Confirmation) for the payment of goods and services. The disbursement schedule and forecasted amounts will be established by the Global Fund Country Teams as an integral part of the annual funding decision process.

The Global Fund Country Teams are responsible for ongoing grant monitoring and determining if circumstances have changed between the time of the AFD and the scheduled disbursements. Any changes to the originally approved dates and/or amounts for payees are completed through an approval workflow. Any such changes must be within the overall AFD.

A Disbursement Notification Letter is sent from the Global Fund Country Team to the PR to inform them of the disbursement. The Global Fund should clearly reference the applicable Grant Number in all disbursements. The Global Fund Country Team should provide additional contextual information to the PR if the relevant disbursement amount differs from what was originally approved in the annual funding decision. Upon receipt, UNDP Country Offices should submit promptly a request for a deposit application in UNall with the Notification of Grant Disbursement and Management Letter, if applicable.

Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) funds (fund 30068 and donor code 00327) - the Agreement will be processed as a GF Financing Agreement that will be submitted via UNall, indicating the start and end date. The CO is also required to provide a Schedule of Payment with dates or the best estimate dates of disbursement by the Global Fund if Schedule of Payment is not available.

For CCM agreements, the Global Fund makes cash transfers to cover the annual budgets of CCM secretariat considering the unspent cash balances from the previous reporting period. This is communicated to the country offices and CCM via emails by the GF, hence, the Cos should ensure a prompt submission of a deposit application request in UNall.

For the financing agreements, it is recommended to have the payment schedules in the agreement. Upon notification from the donor on transfer of resources, the CO should submit a UNall case for a deposit application.

For further guidance please refer to the Global Fund Operational Policy Note on Annual Funding Decisions and Disbursements.

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