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Development of the Health Procurement Action Plan (HPAP)

The List of Health Products constitutes the basis of a Health Procurement Action Plan (HPAP) (either Global Fund or non-Global Fund depending on the source of funding) that must be developed by the CO as soon as possible after the List is approved and, preferably, before the programme begins. The Procurement plan should be entered for, at least, one year for visibility on the upcoming demand.

UNDP’s Health Procurement Action Plan (HPAP) is one of the key planning tools used to consolidate information on health product procurement which is shared with procurement partners, used for forecasting health procurement projections, and used for identifying any critical procurement activities where there may be potential risks or delays.

The Global Health Supply Center (GHSC) supports Country Offices (COs) with health procurement planning to identify potential opportunities for further efficiencies (e.g., due to volumes and accumulation of discounts) and the potential for new long-term agreements (LTAs) for critical pharmaceutical items and other health products. The information that Country Offices enter into the HPAP enables the Health Procurement Services (HPS) team to secure production capacity with manufacturers and reduce the lead time of manufacturers with whom UNDP has LTAs.

Guidelines for creating the HPAP are available here and here.

The process for updating the HPAP is conducted semi-annually; this includes two major revisions – one at the beginning of a new cycle and one midway through the cycle – to allow the HPS team to share accurate forecasts with suppliers. As part of this process, it is mandatory for UNDP COs to update the HPAP according to the deadlines.

Delay in the preparation and validation of the HPAP can delay programme implementation.


UNDP Country Offices must submit completed Health Procurement Action Plans to the GFPHST HPMS team for review and validation. Any update should be re-validated prior to issuing purchase orders.

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