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Local Fund Agent review of the Progress Update/Disbursement Request

The Local Fund Agent (LFA) reviews the Principal Recipient (PR)’s Progress Update to validate the reported results and inform the Global Fund about a grant’s programmatic and financial performance, as well as about any key issues and risks the programme faces. The LFA is also required to provide periodic recommendations on appropriate amounts to be disbursed to a PR for the coming period, and any other appropriate actions. The LFA’s review may involve site visits to the PR and Sub-recipients (SRs) to verify accuracy of the financial information presented through the Progress Update/Disbursement Request (PU/DR), and to clarify any questions. PRs have noted that there may be misalignments in understanding on particular issues between the LFA visit to the PR and the LFA’s report to the Global Fund. While the LFA report to the Global Fund is not shared with the PR, the PR should ensure that a debrief is scheduled with the LFA immediately following their visit to ensure a common understanding of and action plan to address LFA-identified issues during the PU/DR review.

Please refer to the UNDP/Global Fund Health Implementation Support Team’s guidance note on Global Fund/LFA Access to Information during the Grant Life Cycle for more information on what documents can and cannot be shared with the LFA during the PU/DR process.

Practice Pointer
  1. Country Offices (COs) are advised to submit the final PR-signed PU/DR to the LFA by the 45-day deadline. If COs wish to submit draft PU/DRs, it is recommended to do so prior to the deadline. Increasingly, delays in disbursement requests are occurring; therefore, the CO is encouraged to develop a PU/DR tracking sheet to document the process and easily identify any delays.
  2. During the LFA review, PR should make sure that all supporting documents for reported date are available for review. In additional, all key staff covering finance, programme/monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and procurement and supply management (PSM) as well as the Programme Manager should be available to clarify issues to the LFA.

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