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Grant Confirmation: Schedule 1, Performance Framework

The performance framework (PF) is part of Schedule 1 of the Grant Confirmation and it is a legally binding document that sets forth the grant goals, objectives , service delivery modules and indicators with baselines, periodic targets and target-setting assumptions, work plan tracking measures (as applicable) and reporting periods. All indicators (Impact, Outcome and Coverage) are based on the funding request submitted by the country and may be refined (or in rare instances, removed) during grant negotiations.

Workplan tracking measures (WPTMs) are qualitative milestones used during grant implementation to monitor activities under modules/interventions that cannot be assessed using quantitative coverage and outcome measures (for example, community systems strengthening (CSS), human rights, etc.).

The Global Fund uses Coverage indicators and WPTMs from the Performance Framework to monitor the programme’s progress and grant a performance rating. Indicator performance assessments not only inform disbursement decisions during the initial three-year period but are also used to inform future funding decisions. Further guidance on selection of indicators and on WPTMs can be found in the M&E section of the Manual.

A sample format for an anticipated schedule of cash transfers and disbursement decisions can be found here.

Practice Pointer
Practice Pointer

The Country Office (CO) should negotiate the Performance Framework carefully and consider it to be as important as the budget. The importance of the selected indicators and targets cannot be underestimated, as they have a direct impact on the rating of the grant performance, and it is the performance of these indicators against the negotiated targets that will provide the basis for Global Fund disbursements and further funding decisions. The indicators and targets should be measurable and realistic and be supported by adequate funding under the grant.

The UNDP Global Fund Partnership and Health Systems Team is available to review the Performance Framework.

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