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All pharmaceuticals procured through UNDP health procurement support must be included in either the latest editions of the WHO Model Essential Medicines Lists (EMLs) for adults and for children, WHO treatment guidelines, or other institutional treatment guidelines.

For entities submitting requests to UNDP for the procurement of pharmaceuticals that are not included in any of these documents, the requests should be supported by an appropriate justification with supporting evidence (e.g., National Treatment Guidelines, National EMLs, transition plan with timelines). These will be assessed by the UNDP QA Expert Committee (additional information can be found in the UNDP QA Policy) to determine compliance with UNDP’s general principle. for the procurement of health products. Such requests should be submitted to the UNDP Global Fund Partnership and Health Systems Team (GFPHST) Senior Health PSM Advisor through the GFPHST HPM Specialist focal point.

All pharmaceuticals must be procured using the International Nonproprietary Name (INN).

While WHO has recommended treatment guidelines for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), malaria and hepatitis, and these can be helpful to governments as reference for the development of national guidelines, it is important that national guidelines are tailored to local requirements and ensure national ownership of the treatment standards.

Additional guidance to support this area of work are also available through a number of resources listed below:

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