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Transit is the period of transport/storage after the goods have arrived in the country and before they are delivered to their destination (e.g., central medical stores). It is important that UNDP COs ensure as much as possible that the right conditions are in place during this transit time and to minimize its duration.

To minimize the transit time duration, clearing and transit procedures must be initiated before the products reach the country. To this effect, the following measures should be taken:

  • Use of fast-track clearing procedures whenever applicable
  • Plan deliveries with the freight forwarder in a way to avoid arrival of goods at a time that would extend the transit time (e.g., deliveries just before or during a week-end)
  • Preliminary assessment by the NDRA of the storage capacity and conditions in the transit area, to estimate the potential risks due to inadequate storage conditions.
  • Establishment of a contract for clearing services, with clear instructions to minimize the transit time of incoming goods and including conditions for good storage conditions.

WHO MQAS good practice statement:

“All conditions required for storage should be achievable at the port of entry of goods. This is particularly important for all temperature-sensitive products shipped to ports where temperatures may be less well controlled. Specific arrangements may need to be made with local handling agents and customs to ensure speedy handling and clearance. Security measures to prevent theft, fraud and bribery should be in place during storage at the port of entry.”

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