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Other Elements of the UNDP Procurement Architecture


To identify the channel to use for sourcing services related to health products, please refer to the Health Procurement Architecture. If you are unable to find the product category under the Health Procurement Architecture, please contact the GHSC Health Procurement Services Team, based in UNDP, Copenhagen.

In addition to the guidelines described in the previous sections of the Manual and, in line with the needs of health programmes funded by the Global Fund and other sources, GHSC has developed a number of complementary bespoke supply systems available for use by requesting units. They pertain to arrangements for quality control as well as the procurement of non-health products.

As an integral part of quality assurance and risk managmeent, the following long-term agreement (LTA) frameworks are available for use:

  • Set of LTAs with WHO-prequalified quality control laboratories for the provision of pharmaceuticals sampling and testing. The existing LTAs expired at the end of 2023 and are being re-tendered. A link to the new LTAs and corresponding standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be shared later in 2024.
  • LTAs for pre-shipment inspection and for QC laboratories for sampling and testing of other product categories are being established and should be available during semester 2 of 2024.
  • LTA for the supply of dataloggers to ensure adequate temperature monitoring of shipments, in-country distribution and storage. The LTAs and corresponding SOPs are available here.
  • Commercial LTAs for insurance and freight, to strengthen procurement and supply management services and risk mitigation. The LTAs and SOPs for insurance are available here and for freight forwarding services here.
  • For the procurement of non-health products (e.g. vehicles, office supplies, furniture) and services (e.g. rehabilitation or construction services), the standard UNDP Procurement Rules and Regulations apply. UNDP Country Offices are encouraged to use existing LTAs to facilitate procurement of non-health products and services. A consolidated list of available LTAs can be accessed here.

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