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The main objective of the Health Product Management (HPM) section of this Guidance Manual is to facilitate and guide the implementation of Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSM) activities for health products in compliance with UNDP’s, and the Global Fund’s, PSM-related policies and procedures. These include the UNDP Quality Assurance (QA) Policy, Global Fund PSM Policies and Health Procurement Architecture established by the UNDP Global Fund Partnership and Health Systems Team (GFPHST).

The primary audience of the HPM Guidance are UNDP Country Office (CO) PSM managers, PSM specialists and Procurement specialists in charge of implementing, managing and/or supervising PSM activities for health products financed by Global Fund grants and/or other sources of funding. This section also guides UNDP’s global support activities, in particular the work of Global Fund Partnership and Health Systems Team (GFPHST) HPM specialists and other personnel in the UNDP Global Health Supply Centre (GHSC), to provide technical support and carry out procurement responsibilities.

The HPM section includes a risk management paragraph that details the key risks that a UNDP Country Office (CO)/Project Management Unit (PMU) may face during implementation and how to prevent or mitigate them.

Given the complexity and multiple stakeholders involved with HPM, GFPHST has developed a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) matrix outlining the roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders.

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