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Secure Banking Arrangements

UNDP uses only two bank accounts U.S. dollars (US$) and Euro for receiving contributions from the Global Fund.

Prior to Board approval and/or signing of the Grant Confirmation, the Global Fund undertakes the process of bank verification and authentication by requesting the details of the bank account of the Principal Recipient (PR) into which the grant disbursements will be deposited. Country Offices (COs) should request bank account confirmation letters from the UNDP’s Global Fund Partnership Health System/ Finance team. The Bank account details are reflected in the Face Sheet of the Grant Confirmation in the section entitled ‘Routing Instructions for Disbursements’ and include the name and contact information (telephone number and/or email address) of the bank manager for verification of the details.

Contributions will be credited to the bank account identified on the Face Sheet. The Global Fund disburses funds directly to the PR and they should clearly reference the applicable Grant Number in all deposits. .

Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) and Financing Agreement funding should also be deposited in the HQ Contributions Bank Account.

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