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UNDP policies

Global Fund policies and tools for risk management in high-risk and crisis settings are available in the Global Fund Risk Management Framework and tools section.

UNDP has two main policies to guide the response to crises:

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for crisis response and recovery which provide a corporate institutional and operational framework so that critical decisions and actions can be taken quickly in response to crisis situations. The SOP focuses on the relatively brief period between the onset or identification of an imminent crisis and the point when a Country Office has in place the resources to implement recovery and resilience initiatives. The SOP outlines the relationships, responsibilities and communication between Country Office, Regional Hub, and Headquarters, during the crisis response.
  • Financial Resources for Crisis Response released by the Crisis Board following a crisis triggering event or by the Crisis Bureau for undeclared crisis situations.
  • In addition, in 2017 UNDP mainstreamed into relevant corporate policies a number of fast track measures, and some of these provisions can be delegated to the Head of Office by the Regional Bureau or other Central Bureaus and routed through the Regional Bureau.

The UNDP Crisis Response Portal provides all the necessary guidance, templates, and resources for preparing and responding to short or protracted rises. It includes:

  • early warning and preparedness measures
  • crisis response packages
  • port-crisis closure and transition arrangements
  • operational measures for crisis response
  • Communication and visibility toolkit
  • Emergency deployments and UNDP Global Policy Network (GPN) roster

Additional guidance to support this area of work are also available through a number of resources listed below:

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