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Special Requirements for Pesticides

Pesticides, including those incorporated into netting material, might be regulated by different agencies (e.g., NDRA, MoH, Ministry of Agriculture) within a country depending on their intended use. Before initiating a requisition, UNDP COs should be thoroughly familiar with the local customs procedures and requirements for importation of pesticides.

In countries with functional pesticide registration systems, customs clearance of registered pesticides usually requires close collaboration between the pesticides regulatory authority and customs. Customs offices often have information on the products that are registered and should be given advance notice of the impending arrival of a shipment of the pesticide products.

If coordination amongst stakeholders is weak or if the pesticide is not yet registered in the country, customs clearance may require importation to be authorized by another competent authority. In either case, it is useful to specify in the purchase contract the list of documents that must be provided by the supplier in order for the shipment to clear customs.

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