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GPN Expert Rosters

To enhance its support for Country Offices (COs) and national stakeholders in implementing Global Fund programmes, the UNDP Global Fund Partnership and Health Systems Team (GFPHST), in coordination with the GPN ExpRes Roster Team, has developed a roster of qualified experts specialized in the following thematic areas:

HIV, Health and Development

  1. Programme Management
  2. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E)
  3. Capacity development and/or transition and sustainability planning
  4. National strategic plan/policy (for HIV, TB and/or malaria), and funding proposals development
  5. Financial management
  6. Prevention and Control of Non-communicable diseases
  7. Addressing the Social, Economic and Environmental Determinants of Health
  8. Health Emergencies
  9. Rights, Laws, Key Populations
  10. Treatment Access-Innovation and Access
  11. Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women and Girls
  12. SOGIESC/LGBTI rights and Inclusive Development
  13. Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Sexual Harassment (PSEAH)
  14. Sustainable Financing for Health
  15. Digital health
  16. Solar for health and Smart facilities
  17. Health financing and economic modelling
  18. Communications Support
  19. Videography and Photography

Health Procurement and Supply Change Management

  1. PSM quantification, forecasting, budgeting and planning for health product
  2. Health Supply Chain management systems experts
  3. Health products related procurement process such as medical devices, diagnostics, X-ray, scanning, radiological equipment and supplies (consumables and medical equipment) experts;
  4. Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) experts
  5. PSM capacity development and training experts
  6. Distribution systems /Good distribution and storage practices experts
  7. Sustainable health supply chain experts
  8. Waste Management experts
  9. QA in (Model Quality Assurance System for procurement agencies - MQAS, Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP, Quality Control - QC)
  10. Medical Laboratory (Rapid Diagnostic Tests, reagents, laboratory equipment) experts
  11. QA of Health Products; (Pharmaceuticals / Medical Devices) (Experts in Medical Devices)
  12. QA of Health Products; (Pharmaceuticals / Medical Devices) (Experts in Pharmaceuticals)

UNDP GFPHST’s roster of experts are integrated within the Global Policy Network (GPN) ExpRes Roster GPN ExpRes Roster, which provides pre-selected and technically vetted consultants.

Depending on the support needs of the requesting CO, the contracting modality of expertise sourced through the GPN ExpRes Roster can either be an Individual Contract (IC) / Reimbursable Loan Agreement (RLA) or a short-term International Services Agreement Holder (IPSA).

Candidates are selected based on competencies and value for money principles and can be contracted and deployed to provide specific technical advice and short-term consultancies for periods normally not exceeding 12 months.

The expertise sourced from the GPN ExpRes Roster on IPSA modality can only be contracted for up to 6 months full-time (or 130 working days over 1 calendar year). If the CO is requiring support beyond 6 months full-time (or 130 working days over 1 calendar year) then the CO shall need to advertise and complete a competitive recruitment process.

The Advisory Committee on Procurement (ACP) approval under which the GPN ExpRes Roster operates, allows for the roster to be used for the recruitment of IC/RLA with a maximum contract value of US$100,000 on deliverable-based contracts only. If the cumulative value of the contract is above US$100,000 then the CO shall need to complete and submit a case to ACP.

GPN ExpRes Roster, is now operating through the UNDP Deployments Platform, powered by EVA.ai. 

All Deployment Requests take place on the UNDP Deployments Platform’s Agent Portal. You can now do the following in the portal:

How to submit a deployment request using Eva.ai

To engage a candidate expert from the GPN ExpRes Roster, COs need to submit a deployment request from the Eva.ai home-page by clicking on “Create New Deployment request” and upload the Terms of Reference. If COs have a preferred candidate who is registered on the GPN ExpRes Roster, they should include the details in the comments section.

Once the request is submitted, a Roster Officer will be assigned and will share a longlist of potential candidates for COs to score/ rank.

Here is a flyer explaining the ExpRes Roster and here is a flyer elaborating on the IPSA guidance for recruitment through the GPN ExpRes Roster.

The CO must provide a copy of the signed contract with the GPN ExpRes Roster focal point.

As evaluation of the performance of experts is a critical component for the successful maintenance of GPN ExpRes Roster, therefore COs and units are requested to complete an evaluation at the conclusion of the assignment. Performance evaluation templates for ICs are available here. 

Please note, for regular IPSA holders, a full- service evaluation report must be completed, using the online PMD platform for any service period exceeding six months worked during that evaluation year. Where the PMD platform is not available or for short-term IPSA holders, the IPSA Service Evaluation form linked to Annex 5 of the IPSA Policy document can be used.

For short-term IPSAs, or for periods of service of less than six months, only section I of the IPSA Annual Performance Review template is to be completed and should be documented as a note to file by the CO or unit.

Practice Pointer

How to submit a vetting request using Eva.ai

For any potential candidates who may have the requisite expertise for inclusion to the GPN ExpRes Roster, the COs or units are requested to login via the  Eva.ai home-page (sign in with your UNDP email) and click on “submit a vetting request”. 

Here’s a video on How to submit a vetting request. CVs must be submitted in English, and eligible candidates should have a Master’s degree, with a minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience or 7 years of relevant work experience with a Bachelor’s degree.

All vetting requests will be submitted to the appropriate technical teams for review and potential approval to the GPN ExpRes Roster. The process can take up to two weeks. Upon successful approval to the roster, the GPN ExpRes Roster Team will invite the expert to register onto the EVA.ai platform.

In case COs are interested to see experts under certain profiles under the GPN ExpRes Roster, please navigate to   EVA.ai > Jobs & Talent > UNDP Talent Pool > All Migrated Vetted Consultants > and then select ACP List - Deployment Request Form located at the top. From there, COs can filter the profiles of interest and select ‘apply’ to see the talent names. Here, you can select the expert names and view their CVs from within their profiles.

For UNDP personnel who are Vetting Committee Members or part of a Technical Team, we recommend watching this short video on how to vet candidates.

For questions regarding the GPN ExpRes Roster and/or UNDP Deployments, contact gpn.deployments[at]undp.org

For technical assistance regarding the platform, contact helpdesk[at]eva.ai

For more information regarding the GPN/ExpRes Roster thematic areas, HIV, Health and Development or Health Procurement and Supply Change Management, contact Karen De Meritens, Programme Associate, GFPHST karen.de.meritens[at]undp.org

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