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Laboratory diagnostic products

Rational laboratory use is defined as effective and correct laboratory use by providing the most appropriate test selection with the right clinical approach in line with the evidence based data and considering the cost and patient safety

UNDP COs are responsible for ensuring that

  1. the laboratory diagnostic products are used in-line with national testing algorithms and protocols on biosafety and biosecurity set forth by WHO and by international health regulations, and
  2. testing sites are operated within a quality management system using internationally accepted standards, specifically
  3. Pratically this means that UNDP COs should support the MoH through ensuring that
  4. The diagnostic products are only used by appropriately trained and suitably qualified individuals;
  5. The environment intended for the utilization of those diagnostic products is suitable;
  6. The laboratory organizes calibration and maintenance of the diagnostic equipment; and
  7. The laboratory participates in external quality assessment (EQA) programs.

UNDP COs are encouraged to include activities related to implementing a quality management system into their projects and should ensure budgeting of these activities during project planning.

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