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The scope and the extent of UNDP’s role in Health Product Management (HPM) activities are defined by the type of project:

  • As principal recipient of a Global Fund grant, UNDP’s responsibilities are significant in the sense that UNDP is accountable for the entire set of PSM functions, including product selection, ensuring the quality of the products up to end-users, supporting the rational use of products, and promoting/implementing proper destruction of waste generated throughout the system.

  • For other health projects (i.e., health procurement projects), UNDP’s responsibilities depend on the scope of the project, as defined by the project document. It might be limited to only procurement, international freight and reception, but could also cover areas such as quality control or storage.

The Country Office (CO) PSM Officer works with other staff to identify, quantify, procure, and manage the health products required to achieve the grant objectives. They do this with support from the HPM Specialists within the GFPHST and through collaboration with key stakeholders.

Key stakeholders may include: government health programs, the National Regulatory Agency (NRA), the central medical stores, various funding entities, in-country supply chain partners, the UNDP Quality Assurance Services team, the UNDP Health Procurement Services team, and suppliers and manufacturers.

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