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Programmatic Gap Tables

Before attempting to complete the performance framework, the working group developing the funding request must complete the programmatic gap tables. This is important because the same indicators and modules must be used in the programmatic gap table and in the performance framework. The indicators and modules used in the programmatic gap table should be used in the performance framework to describe the targets and associated budget. This will show how the gaps will be filled using the resources from the Global Fund to achieve impact. Furthermore, the indicators, targets and reporting intervals should be aligned with the national monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan.

Programmatic gap tables are not required for all indicators in the performance framework. These tables should be completed for three-to-six priority modules using indicators that reflect key gaps in the national programme. For the recommended indicators to be included in the gap analysis. These gap tables should be filled out for interventions and indicators that are meaningful for your programme and can be quantified. In case of doubt, please consult with the UNDP Global Fund/Health Implementation Support Team or the Global Fund Country Team.

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