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Rational use of Medicines and Pharmacovigilance Systems

The programme is responsible for ensuring that appropriate mechanisms are implemented to encourage adherence to treatment. This is usually accomplished by:

  • incorporating, when possible, fixed-dose combinations, once-a-day formulations and blister-pack presentations of pharmaceuticals, which have been shown to increase patients’ ability to adhere to treatment;
  • providing peer education and support;
  • using ICT materials as a tool to promote rational use;
  • promoting rational prescribing practices; and
  • conducting research and surveys and disseminating the findings to encourage rational use.

The Principal Recipient (PR) also needs to ensure that the health authorities responsible for administering the treatment programmes have systems in place for monitoring adverse drug reactions and resistance. If they do not have such systems, the programme should obtain advice from an international organization or a consultant with technical expertise in this area.

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