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Ensuring Data Quality

Ensuring data quality means assessing the accuracy, reliability, precision, completeness, timeliness, integrity and confidentiality of data. The monitoring data collected from each Sub-recipient (SR) will be consolidated by the Principal Recipient (PR). 

  • For each indicator, data must represent unduplicated results—for example, one person who attends several trainings will only be counted once for each specific topic.
  • Measures and systems to avoid double-counting (including unique identification numbers for trainees) have been designed to avoid this.
  • Additionally, results accomplished under this grant cannot be reported as results per other donor-funded targets, including national programmes funded by the Global Fund.
  • The record-keeping and reporting should ensure that privacy and confidentiality of the target population is maintained. The SRs should adhere to guidance on ethical record-keeping.

The PR will diagnose systematic or procedural weaknesses that lead to inaccurate or delayed reporting. Inaccurate data, incomplete data or delayed reporting from SRs leads to inaccurate, incomplete or delayed reports to the Global Fund and puts funding at risk. Data verification will therefore be critical during implementation.

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